Sarah Morejohn, Hollie Putnam, and Ellyn Weaver BFA Terminal Show

Hollie Putnam is a BFA in Painting whose work centers around the figure. She works with the figure by constructing, interrogating, entangling and then deconstructing to reveal performative and authentic moments. Putnam’s background in feminist activism, women’s and gender studies, and history inform her work.
A native Oregonian, printmaker Ellyn Herman looks to nature for inspiration in her work, using photography, drawing, printmaking, and collaging to capture moments when nature reclaims what man has made its own. Herman creates a visual representation of the life force “present within each of us and the world around us.” Though this force is “better realized as an experience,” Herman attempts to capture these moments in her show this week.

In this show Morejohn explores the different shapes of time through drawing. She explains that these shapes of time are “slow or quick, orderly or disarrayed, vivid of peripheral.” Morejohn looks at Time as “how we are aware or not aware, how we forget, how we navigate past and present.”

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