Pretty Ugly

New work by Kate Liu, A.G. Schukis, Mady Maszk, Madeline Peveto, Baily Thompson, Ari Lenkov, Siggi Bengston, Shanti Bartz, and Clara Wolff

4′ x 4′ x ∞

4′ x 4′ x ∞ features work by Marissa Benedict’s New Landscapes course.

In the Dragon’s Keep

In the Dragon’s Keep features various artworks from Carousel — the Art & Technology BFA group. Through the closeness of artwork in a gallery...

Threads of Body

New work by: Noelle Herceg + Elnaz Talaei


LICK of PARADISE merges lines of black, white, grey, silver by graduate students Hannah Petkau and Dana Buzzee. Harnessing the tension between Buzzee’s large...

Funeral + And They Were Roommates

Funeral” = Zane Bjorge + Daniel McNamara /// Is it dancing or lucid dreams or where forgetting is just as important? Is it the...


New work by: Allison Schukis, Baily Thompson, and Claire VandenBerg

Kosmos / Three Bodies

Kosmos: Featuring work in sculpture, fibers and found objects, kosmos is an exposition that explores time as it relates to the artists’ individual experiences....

What Could Be More Agreeable

New work by: Mark Drevdahl,  Baily Thompson, Ky Francois, Ian Molloy, Devon Bodenhamer,  Mady Maszk, and Siggi Bengston.  

Excerpts and Collaborations

New work by Art BFA’s in Tannaz Farsi’s Installation Art course: Elijah Denker Eva Emter Devon DeVaughn Koa Hencke Brendan Lenz Mady Maszk Jordyn...