A.T.O.M.B. is a Digital Arts based show consisting of David Mellor, Ray Tsunoda, Josh Burson, Jeremy Androschuk, and Ben Olsen.

David Mellor:

From Portland, OR, illustrator David Mellor has studied art throughout his life, between art camps as a child and advanced art courses at Lincoln High School. Despite being interested in a multitude of mediums, in this show he has chosen to use illustration. Mellor is heavily influenced by the “superflat styling” from artists such as Ippei Gyoubu and Yusuke Nakamura. He takes recognizable real world items and disassembles, then reassembles them to create entirely new “dreamscapes.”

Ray Tsunoda

Before creating a portfolio and moving to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon, Tsunoda worked in Arizona in clothing sales and served sushi. Tsunoda is primarily self-taught web-graphics designer who also uses graphite, India Ink, Coffee, and any Vector/Raster imaging software to create his work. Despite the visually simple designs, Tsunoda’s work is often technical in execution: as Tsunoda describes, “clean yet dynamic.” To see more work visit pages.uoregon.edu/rtsunoda.

Josh Burson:

biographic info: “Grew up in West Philadelphia, spending most of his days at a pool hall called The Playground rather than going to school, and so never had any formal art training.”

preferred medium:  “Intuitive Channel Kosmic Karen”

artist statement: “i am a print artisté who makes amazing typography. i got my own design team and everything”

additional information: “my favorite color is neon green. anything neon mostly, and i love flannel”

Jeremy Androschuk

Born and raised in Portland, OR, Androschuk is a Product Design major who works with hand drawing and digital printing of adobe suite illustrations. For Androschuk, art is a glimpse into the imagination. The content of his pieces connect to a range of imagined scenarios or scenes in the artist’s mind.

Benjamin Olsen

Currently a Digital Arts major, Olsen primarily works with video and film. In this show, Olsen works with a short video series of dark comedy self-portraits of intense characters that exist within subtle tendencies. He also explores genetics, psychology, and dance in a series of prints titled “Epigenome.”

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