Kosmos / Three Bodies


Featuring work in sculpture, fibers and found objects, kosmos is an
exposition that explores time as it relates to the artists’ individual
experiences. In their portrayal of time as an image, the artists’ seek
to create a discourse around the color pink regarding its historical
lineage. They intend to reclaim the color pink while also attempting to
stray away from the deeply ingrained traditional understanding of
femininity in our society. They want to convince the audience that pink
is a comfortable place of refuge as well as a representation of strength
and softness.

Emma DeRosia and Kate Chiddix


Three Bodies:

Each element of this collaborative installation reflects an exploration
of the feeling of melancholy translated into a physical space. The use
of concrete sculptures emulates weight, frigidity, and suspension. The
nets represent entanglement, repetition of mindless acts as a form of a
coping mechanism, a meditative act in order to bind and hold together a
fleeting sense of self. The projections transform the rigid, immobile
sculptures into glowing, dynamic bodies.

Geordi Helmick, Eva Emter, and Koa Hencke