User’s Guide

New work by MFA’s Claire Anderson, Eden V. Evans, Stephanie Parnes, Tannon Reckling, and Kevin Yatsu.

Claire Anderson:

My work strives to create a space that is empty of conclusion and uses the potential of a material to equalize the identities and conditions of all objects. Our desire to find familiarity and connections is tested by a lack of singular language towards an ambiguous thing.

Eden V. Evans:

Evans’ work explores materiality, process, and collaboration in an attempt to subtly navigate the space between playfulness and seriousness. Craft vernaculars, child-like science, earth-based elements, and material studies lead to investigations of light, darkness, and the unknown through the lens of mortality and discussions of what we leave behind.”

Stephanie Parnes:

“Uncertainty lies at the root of my practice, which straddles sculpture, drawing, and photography. I engage in iterative processes of finding, collecting, arranging and rearranging objects into speculative arrangements that probe contingent relationships and enact an ongoing restlessness and internal conflict.”

Tannon Reckling:

Reckling’s 3d work explores communication, documentation, and contact with a recent queer family member who was removed from his family’s history. Using a major weight loss as subject, Reckling examines dysphoria, class, abreaction, and electronic catharsis.

Kevin Yatsu:

Yatsu’s work is situated within the hyper€uidity of the internet landscape. He uses appropriation to coax forward the lexicon by which internet users operate and uses form as a means to create sympathetic structures for his Japanese-American identity.”