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“Books are threshold objects. Even with their backs turned on us, spines out, they seem to beckon. Like unearthed artifacts, their appearance is charged with incipience, their small heft suggesting pockets of space and time a reader might re/enter through the conduit of her body (eyes peering, hands grasping, the theater of the mind set into motion). Both as symbolic objects and as experiences, books possess the allure of the real and expansiveness of the immaterial, marking a dilation of presence in absence.”–Rebecca Childers

This exhibit examines the ways in which the book–as object, sculpture, archive–intersects with artistic practice. As perhaps our most ubiquitous form of technology, from its invention the book has developed into an object that is democratic and sharable, a vessel of information both visual and textual. The artists in this show approach the book in a variety of different ways: as sculptural objects in and of themselves, as archives of images, as recepticals of words, and yet each harkens back to this most familiar and mysterious of forms.

Please join us for a closing reception Thursday 4:00-6:00 in the LaVerne Krause Gallery immediately before the Visiting Artist Lecture. And be sure to stop by during the week and peruse this strange and unexpected library.

Aaron Bjork
Andrew Douglas Campbell
Chelsea Couch
Mandy Hampton
Laura Hughes
Ron Linn
Daniel Miller
Stephen Milner
Meril Wallace