Dani Lopez. “don’t tell me to change my spots”. 48 x 59 in. mesh, spray paint, embroidery thread. 2015.

The University of Oregon Department of Art is pleased to present the work of the 12 Bachelor of Fine Arts students who are finishing their degrees in 2016. Their thesis show exhibitions span from May 2nd to May 26th with 4 separate shows consisting of 3 artists each. The featured artists work in a variety of medias including sculpture, photography, painting, jewelry, ceramics, mixed media and installation based works. Please visit the show during the open hours of the gallery or join us for one of the receptions honoring these artists accomplishments from 5-7 PM on Thursday nights.

May 2 – 6: Disparate Cultures

Gabriel Bleuwater

Danielle Lopez

Chester Malinow

May 5th, 6th, and 7th at 5 PM: Everything You Imagine is Real (performance)

A play by BFA Derek Chesnut at the Pocket Theater Playhouse in Villard Hall on the University of Oregon Campus.

May 9 – 13: Everything You Imagine is Real

Derek Chesnut

Claire Christy

Xiaoyu Zheng

May 16-20: To Remain

Lauren Boles

Zack Breitbach

Diana Patin

May 23-26: Nonfiction

Indigo Vance Eyebright

Yibo Liu

XinXin Wang

June 2-15: I Stay to the End

“I Stay to the End” features the art of the graduating students of University of Oregon’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Representing a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, fibers, printmaking, photography, metalsmithing and jewelry, the artworks exhibited represent the artists’ accomplishments, while marking a beginning of continued artistic evolution. The phrase “I Stay to the End” is the literal translation of permaneo, the Latin root of permanence. The exhibition actually destabilizes the idea of permanence, not only because the artworks are temporarily installed, but also because the artists will soon be leaving the university, seeking out new ways to stay. Nonetheless, “I Stay to the End” alludes to the staying power of the lessons these artists have learned so far, and that they will carry to the end.

On view at LaVerne Krause Gallery, June 2 through June 15, 2016
Opening Reception June 2, 5-7pm

Download/View the Exhibition Catalog HERE!

BFA Students
Gabriel Bleuwater – Printmaking, Lauren Boles – Painting, Zack Breitbach – Sculpture, Derek Chesnut – Sculpture, Claire Christy – Painting, Indigo Vance Eyebright – Painting, Yibo Liu – Sculpture, Dani Lopez – Fibers, Chester Malinow – Painting, Diana Patin – Photography, Xinxin Wang – Jewelry + Metalsmithing, Messa Zheng – Jewelry + Metalsmithing.

The exhibition is curated by students in Dr. Jenny Lin’s “Curating Contemporary Art” course – Jacob Armas, Gabriel Bleuwater, Tawnni Brandon, Zack Breitbach, Izzy Cho, Katelyn Giessinger, Sloane Kochman, Lisa Maier, Mason Moorman, and Chanin Santiago, and is made possible with generous support from University of Oregon’s Departments of Art and the History of Art and Architecture.