TSK: Tam Nguyen, Shannon Sullivan, and Kathryn Clark BFA Terminal Show

Kathryn Clark

In her project, “Finding a Place in the Photographic Documentary Tradition: The Midway Worker Re-Illuminated,” Clark aims to portray the dignity of the estranged group of the midway carnival circuit of the northwest in portraiture and photojournalism. The documentary photographic tradition seeks to lift marginalized people from the shadows, bringing them back into the light of humanity. Preferring to work in black and white, with large format photography, Clark’s influences stem from the work of SebastiĆ£o Salgado, August Sander, Nan Goldin, and Susan Meiselas.

Shannon Sullivan

Sullivan’s work is inspired by the moments of nature and landscape that she experiences, whether she seeks them out, or whether they infiltrate her routine city life. Sullivan works with oil paints, and her subject matter is related to both landscape and painterly abstraction. The artist seeks to communicate moments of her experience with the landscape, allowing the viewer to re-create those moments in a way that is specific to them. The movement away from representation in Sullivan’s paintings is a method in support of this goal.

Tam Nguyen

In this show, Nguyen’s work is inspired by the idea of wandering and making new interrelationships along the surface of our reality. The artist’s preferred medium is photography and, more specifically, night photography. Nguyen’s work is a reflection of his exploration in the perception of space.

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