Work by: Esther Weng Ron Linn Joe Moore Laura Hughes Meril Wallace Natalie Wood            

Fantastic Space

Work by : Abraham Kelso and Mathew Chua

2 Fast 2 Related 2 Architecture

Work by: Mandy Hampton Stephen Nachtigall Mary Morgan Krista Heinitz  

Le Rêve

Solo show by: McKenzie Davie

Hurricane Strike Force Omega: Works on Paper

Works by: Anya Wild Lee Asahina Natalie Wood Alex Wurtz Esther Weng Mary Margaret Morgan Mandy Hampton Laura Hughes Andrew Campbell Daniel P. Lopez...

The Body anArchive

New Work by MFA’s Andrew Douglas Campbell Chelsea Couch  

Higher Ground

New work by First Year MFA’s Laura Hughes Stephen Milner Natalie Wood Alexander Wurts  

Pancakes and Chocolate Milk

Work by: Justin Boggs Doug Lazenby Chet Malinow  


Three separate installation by graduate students Anya Dikareva, Mary Margaret Morgan, and Joe Moore  

How an object is this or that according to:

How an object is this or that according to Andrew Douglas Campbell, Ron Linn, and Meril Wallace.