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Alexandra Peyton-Levine, Emilee Booher, and Sydney Lane BFA Terminal Show

Emilee Booher
Booher is interested in using a variety of media forms including photography, painting, and sculpture. Booher finds ways for each medium to communicate with one another. Her recent work explores ideas of social interactions and the juxtaposition of the internal and the external of an individual within the social sphere.

Alexandra Peyton-Levine
Peyton-Levine is an oil painted inspired by “Richard Serra, a rejection of Greenbergian philosophies and [her] personal experiences with art and art making.” She seeks to empower the painting as an object-becoming-subject. Peyton-Levine understands the artist-artwork relationship as an exchange of information between the two, rather than a one-way creative effort from the artist alone.

Sydney Lane
(no artist information)

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  1. Posted September 5, 2011 at 3:49 am | #

    Beautiful work! I love the use of multi and mixed media in the artwork.
    Thanks for sharing.

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